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Teaching Good Manners to Your Children

Many parents are finding it tough to teach good manners and etiquettes to their children. But it is not that hard, if you plan wisely and involve the children actively.

The best way for you to teach good manners in your home is to decide with your kid a standard of behavioural expectations. Lead them in discussions, guide them towards a common understanding of how he or she should look, sound and act.

Teaching Good Manners: Why it is so important.

According to Sue Lloyd, author of ‘Childrens Book of Manners,’ it is important to facilitate your child to discover that the world is a happier place if they have good manners. The children need to understand that how bad manners can make people sad, while good manners will lead to happier families as well as friends.

Some of the key factors you need to keep in mind when you teach good manners to your children:

Set an Example

It is very important that you should ‘Set an Example.’ When you advise your kids that they are not supposed to use mobile phones continuously or use the mobile phones sparingly (in the case of elder kids), it is also your responsibility to spend quality time with your kids. When you indulge in your mobile phone for hours, then you are setting a bad example for your kids. Same goes for TV and other electronic gadgets as well.

Let them wait for their turn

The key of good manners is to respect others. While being assertive is a nice trait, it should not overrule politeness as well as good manners. Your kid needs to learn to wait for their turn to speak and not interrupt when the other person is speaking.

Accepting compliments – show them how to do it

Guide your kid to accept compliments in a polite manner. A ‘thank you’ at an appropriate time will boost his/her morale and earn the kid the deserved appreciation as well.

Acknowledge the use of good manners

When good manners are acknowledged, the kid will understand that their actions have value. Every single action of the child should be recognised and valued by the parent. Simple appreciating words would encourage the kids to stick to good manners.

Manners should come naturally

Stop trying to force the use of manners. Good manners should be an integral part of the daily life and it should come naturally. You can give them a gentle reminder from time to time to keep the kids on track.

Create an environment where good manners are expected

Bring your kid up in an environment that anticipates good manners by teaching them to respect the views of others. Also remember that you, as a parent, also deserve respect. Your child should also understand that they need to treat others with respect even if they do not agree with them.

We teach NISE manners to our students

Located at the heart of the Coimbatore city, NISE follows child-centric schooling approach with academic program based on teaching methods that is nurturing and supportive.

Theme based activities are planned and executed every month and the students are assessed in all areas of development. NISE, considered to be one of the best international schools in Tamil Nadu, provides a holistic and broad-based learning that equips the students to develop their potential for their future endeavours.

Among all ICSE schools in Coimbatore with best education ., we focus more on value-based education and teach our students good manners and etiquettes, which help them to become responsible citizens.

To know more about NISE and how we impart student-focused education to build a meaningful career for them through world-class facilities, visit or mail us at .

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