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Modern Parenting vs Traditional Parenting

Parenting is a serious business. It is not just about taking care of the children and fulfilling their needs but also understanding them and being with them in their growth. Like everything else, parenting methods have also changed over time. NISE, one of the best International schools in Tamilnadu focuses on this aspect and provides necessary assistance to the parents.

1. Atmosphere at home

In the past, members of the family spent their times together after finishing their works. This helped the parents to share some time with the children and had a very close bonding with them. Today the parents and children don’t have time for each other as both are busy with their smartphones. There is a tough atmosphere with silence at home today which is completely different from the cordial one in the past.

2. Free advice

When we say parents, the first thing that comes to the mind of the children is the way their parents provide them or rather pressurize them with advice for almost everything. The best way of advising is by sharing both good and bad experiences with the children. It was possible in the past. Nowadays, parents are so busy with their profession and social media. They don’t even have time to talk to their, guiding the children becomes even more difficult.

3. Education

Parents always want their children to make it big in their academics. It is one thing that has not changed at all over the years. Decades ago, sitting with their children and helping them in doing their homework is a day-to-day activity for the parents. Now, either the children learn themselves with the help of technology or being entrusted to tuition centers or personal tutors.

4. Discipline and Morality

Children learn and reflect most of the things they watch their parents do in their childhood. It is important for the parents to be role models in leading a disciplined life. When the parents had more time to spend at home, children were able to watch the activities of their parents, ask questions and understand them in order to apply them in their lives. Nowadays, there is no space for such discussions between parents and children to question and modify each other.

5. On love and life

Love is a universal feeling. Children, when they reach their adolescence are exposed to the world and experience such feelings either knowingly or unknowingly. On those days, parents wanted to be very strict in order to stop their children from getting into any wrong path. Things are slightly better today as there is an increased awareness and the  ICSE schools in Coimbatore with the best education like NISE, are providing such awareness to the parents as well as children through special lectures.

6. Money handling

It is very important to teach children the importance of money and the ways to handle it effectively. The previous generation was more aware of spending less and saving more. The children of previous generation learned this quality from their parents. The need for saving is not fully understood by today’s generation and the parents are  to be blamed for not making their children recognize and realize this. NISE – Nagarathinam International School of Excellence is one of the best ICSE schools located in Coimbatore. NISE is one destination you were looking for to get your child truly educated with value for holistic learning. The students of NISE get enriched, value-based education in an environment that is meant to enhance their academic and professional skills.

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