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Let your kids knock down the lock down with some exciting indoor summer activities!

You may be a busy mom with mounting household chores. Or a work from home executive with piling work and tight schedules. On top of it your kids demand your attention.

As parents, we have understood how difficult it is to manage kids at home during the holidays. Parenting is challenging indeed. But it can also be fun and less stressful, if we know how to engage the young and restless minds with fun-filled activities.

Keeping your kids engaged during summer have never been this easy! We have a lineup of interesting summer activities which we’re sure your kids would love.

The best and important part is you need not take your kids anywhere, all the activities can be carried out indoors. All these activities will wean away your kids from electronic screens.

Because in many households nowadays this is a common scenario: Silence the tantrum-throwing kids with electronic toys like mobile phones or tablets. But, No. Please avoid this. We have better solutions for smart parents like you.

These indoor activities can also create special memories for them. They would never get bored. They would pick up new skills while having fun indoors.

Painting & Colouring

Colours fascinate children, they simply love to paint. Art is a great medium for children to express their sparks of imagination and bouts of creativity, an important part of brain development. Colouring is an excellent way to engage children indoors.

Time to play with toys

Encourage your kids to use plenty of toys. When they seem bored, come out with some creative way to play with toys. Choose toys with educative content. Let your kids playfully learn a few lessons!

Win their hearts with games

Want to keep your kids busy while you’re busy with household chores. The old-fashioned board games and cards can come in handy. Kids can do many things with a deck of cards. Keep their brains buzzing with some brain teaser games.

Leaders are readers

Cultivate the habit of reading in young kids. Just help them pick up a title of their choice, encourage and reward their reading activity. Help them set aside certain time every day for reading.

Play with puzzles

Puzzle games help kids to stay mentally active. Keep it simple depending on the age of your kids. Introduce them new concepts through puzzle. Let them solve the puzzle by themselves. You should see the reaction when they get it right!

Who’s that cartoon character?

Kids love cartoons. Download audio recording of different cartoon characters. Play the audio and ask them to name the character. Let the guessing game start!

Jot your journal

Have your kids jot down what they see and observe in and around your house. Let them pen their thoughts. Write sweet nothings. Who knows? You may stumble upon a writer!

How about stacking cups?

Both boys and girls love this game. Help them stack and build up their concentration and creativity. YouTube has some amazing videos, should you need some inspiration.

There are a number of ways you can engage your kids in summer activities right at your own home. You need not spend money for any of these activities. All you need is imagination and patience to teach your kids. Once they get the idea, they won’t trouble you or throw tantrums.

So go ahead. Let your kids spend the summer usefully and creatively while you enjoy some free time for yourself!

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