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NISE ICSE / ISC School (TN 107)

Pre-KG to Grade 12    

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Level: Pre.KG, Jr.KG and Sr.KG

Children wonder, explore, communicate, look, listen and learn in their own way and at their own pace in a social and collaborative environment. At NISE, Pre-School education integrates multitude of teaching methods that is nurturing and supportive rather than competitive. There are six learning areas or domains in the early childhood education that are essential for success in these formative years of schooling as suggested by the ICSE Council. Pre-School learning is designed based these domains.

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Affiliated to ICSE/ISC, New Delhi.
Affiliation No.: TN 107

Personality, Social and Emotional Development - nise

Children would be able to demonstrate awareness about themselves and their environment. They would identify their personal space and socialize with their peer group with confidence.

Physical and Motor Development - nise

Children would be involved in physical activities and follow simple instructions. Fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination would be incorporated.

Cognitive Development - nise

Children would identify similarities, differences, patterns, shapes and colors. They would also develop the ability to observe, remember and recall the objects shown to them.

Language and Literacy - nise

Children would be able to express an idea in words using simple vocabulary. They would start responding to variations is sound and start making visual motor movements.

Art and Creative Development - nise

Children would start using facial expressions and body movements as means of communication. They would start singing and show sensitivity towards their environment.

Life Skills Development - nise

An integrated and infused manner is adopted in developing life skills through age relevant activities


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