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Affiliated to ICSE / ISC, New Delhi. (TN 107)     +91 90036 99399

Pre-KG to Grade 12

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Grade School

At NISE, we offer a comprehensive choice of subjects for our high and higher-secondary students to choose from. As part of the curriculum, the English language will be common to all the students irrespective of their grades.

Level: Grade 9 and 10

At ICSE level, Student should learn a second language along with History, Civics and Geography. We offer three core subject options for our high school students based on their interests and career choices. For their ICSE Board exams, students would be giving a minimum of six exams based on their subject selection.

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Affiliated to ICSE, New Delhi.
Affiliation No. TN 107

Group 1


History, Civics & Geography

Tamil (or) Hindi

Group 2

Mathematics & Science (Phy, Chem, Bio)

Mathematics & Commercial Studies

Economics & Commercial Studies

Group 3

Environmental Applications


Level: 11 and 12

At ISC level, Subjects are grouped into four different streams which would aid the students in deciding their future career. At NISE, we offer Medical, Engineering, Hybrid and Arts stream. In Higher Secondary, all the students should take up a minimum of 4 subjects for the ISC Board exams

Medical Stream

English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

Engineering Stream

English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

Hybrid Stream

English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics

Arts Stream

English, Economics, Commerce, Accounts

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Stars of the Month
August 2023

Grade Student Name Grade Student Name
Pre KG Adhiran H Jr KG Anushka D
Sr KG Sanha V S 1 Kavinesh P
2 Vibha Sreekumar 3 Rashwant V
4 Sidharth S 5 Festive Felix
6 Vishwajit S 7 Ashwanth V
8 Griffin Chris 9 Harshitha P
10 Devasree S G ISC Sornesh K I