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10 creative ways to break your child’s gadget addiction!

Children are meant to explore anything that fascinates them. In a world that has been reduced into gadgets, it is no wonder that today’s children are more addicted towards various electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, iPads etc. Parents who want their children to get out of such addiction often try to do it in an aggressive way. But that’s not the way to change their mindset permanently. NISE, being one of the top International Schools in Coimbatore, provides suggestions and guidelines to the parents on how to tackle their children on this issue. NISE, an ICSE affiliated school in Coimbatore always insists that it is better to creatively engage children and get them out of the gadget addiction.

1. Buy them a Book

One of the biggest impact of the technological development is that most of us have forgotten the habit of reading books. Why blame children alone? Rather than buying them electronic gadgets or toys, simply buy them a book. Create a reading culture at home. Make your child read at least for thirty minutes before they go to sleep.

2. Show them the joy of playing outdoors

Today’s children have almost stopped playing outdoors. Most of the time, they are hooked on to their smartphones. Rather than just talking about the pleasure of playing outside, take them out to a play park and play along with them. Make it a regular fun filled outdoor time.

3. Let them come out slowly

Be it video games or any tech gadgets, do not force them out of it. Inform them about the required changes and allow them to come out of their unhealthy routine slowly. Gradually reduce your child’s use of gadgets by diverting their attention from technology slowly by talking about it.

4. Be a good friend

Professional challenges are the biggest hurdles for parenting. Most parents find it difficult to spend quality with their kids. However, parents should consciously allot sometime for their children every day. Sit with them, talk to them, be a friend and see the magic. Many children start using gadgets simply because they have no one to talk to at their homes.

5. Go the traditional way

There are many traditional Indian games, be it indoor or outdoor, to keep our children occupied throughout the day. Find out about all the interesting games that involve physical and mental efforts and teach them to your children. Children would grasp any new game that interests them.

6. Set an example

When you ask your kid to not use mobile phones often, they will hit back to you with “Why do you use the phone then?”. Before trying to impose anything on anyone, it is good to bring about that change from within. Reduce the time you sit in front of a laptop or smartphone when your child is around. This will have a positive impact in your child’s behavior.

7. Kindle their passion

Your child may be interested in painting and you didn’t know that all these days as you. Talk to your child wholeheartedly about his or her passion. Give them your suggestions on how to take it to the next level. Gift them some self-help books and other resources related to their passion. Being actively involved in something they like will help them to come out of gadget addiction.

8. Provide them with assignments

Most of the kids are unknowingly addicted to gadgets only to kill time. Give daily assignments to your kids. It can be anything related to their academics or simple household tasks. Involve you kids in some way that will help you run the house hold. Parent’s creativity is vital here. Once they accomplish their assigned task, reward your child monetarily which will motivate them to do more.

9. Including Physical Fitness

Engage your child in any one physical sport based on their age group. When a child is involved in a physical sport from a young age, he or she will totally immerse in to it. Their physical and emotional development will show healthy growth sign. Their mental sharpness and maturity will increase by many folds.

10. Peer Learning

The best method of learning for a child is through their peer group. Motivate your child to socialize with other kids of similar age group. When they interact and hang out with other kids, the spirit of sharing, competition and learning happens. In a group, there will be lot of opportunities for discussion and creativity. The kids will start spend more time with their group rather than staying indoors. Automatically, their use of tech gadgets will decrease.

NISE – Nagarathinam International School of Excellence is one of the best ICSE schools in Coimbatore. NISE is one destination you were looking for to get your child truly educated with value coupled with holistic learning. The students of NISE get enriched with value-based education in an environment that is meant to enhance their academic and professional skills.

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