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10 Tips to help your child to prepare for their exams

Exam is the most scariest thing for a child. Though the elders know that it is conducted to determine their skills, the children do not always feel comfortable with it. They get into something called ‘exam fever’ whenever there is an exam schedule. It is the responsibility of the parents to help their children get over this stress and face the exams with confidence. NISE, one of the top ICSE schools in Coimbatore is more concerned about this and provides parents with essential suggestions regularly.

1. Bridge the gap

The first thing a parent should do is to remove any communication gap between them and their children. Parents should sit and talk often with the children and make them feel that they are not alone. This confidence will boost their morale.

2. Schedule appointments

Get the appointment of your own child everyday. Feeling odd? Though they are children, let them feel that you value their time. Schedule appointments everyday and use that time to talk to them about their academics.

3. Give daily assignments

The last minute preparation for exams works only for few children. It is important to make your children learn everyday. Give certain quick tasks in addition to the one given in their schools and see them complete those on time.

4. Gift them regularly

Whenever they complete the tasks that you give and score high marks in their exams, reward them immediately with a gift. This will motivate them to work harder and achieve better results.

5. Learn the essence

You may not have the time and age to fully learn the school syllabus of your children. Allocate some time to learn the essence of their subjects so that you will be able to teach them in detail and they will be able to understand better. Top International Schools in Coimbatore give special tasks to the parents every now and then.

6. Don’t punish them

It might sound unusual to hear this but punishing your children for not doing their assignments never helps in the long term. The children of today get so easily offended for small things and that stops them fully from doing anything productive from thereon.

7. Create a support system

To study well, the children need a good atmosphere and it is the responsibility of the parents to provide them with such a surrounding. Such an atmosphere is already being provided in schools by the reputed international schools in Tamilnadu but it is essential to provide the same at home. Facilitate them with the essential devices to learn online. Make sure that you provide them a silent space for studying but also keep a watch on them without their knowledge.

8. Talk to the teachers

It is also very important to talk to the school management and meet the Teachers every now and then and discuss about the academic progress of your children. Such discussions will let you know where you need to have a little more concentration to solve the existing issues. The Teachers of NISE, the best international school in Coimbatore are open for discussions anytime And make sure that your children are not exposed to such meetings.

9. Be awake

When your children study for late hours during their examination, try to be awake with them without disturbing their study. The feeling of being alone diverts their concentration and disrupts their study plan. Do this as a little contribution from your side.

10. Accompany them

It is not just about the preparations to succeed in an exam. The children need more mental strength to actually remember what they have prepared and express their talents on the exam day. Try to accompany them on their way to school during exams. This will give them more confidence which will show in their results. NISE – Nagarathinam International School of Excellence is one of the best ICSE schools located in Coimbatore. NISE is one destination you were looking for to get your child truly educated with value for holistic learning. The students of NISE get enriched, value-based education in an environment that is meant to enhance their academic and professional skills.

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