Class Rooms

Our well sophisticated classrooms have all the modern facilities for a student to enjoy their learning sessions. All our classrooms are smart rooms with needed technological resources available to our teachers to make the teaching sessions pleasurable to our students. Each classroom is designed to be spacious, well-ventilated and brightly lit to enhance the learning the experience of our students.


Biology Lab

Our students make use of all the models and specimens available at our Biology lab for better understanding of the concepts and biological systems which are part of their ICSE curriculum.

Physics Lab

All the lesson based physical experiments are carried out by our students in our Physics lab which houses all the necessary physical equipment and electrical components.

Chemistry Lab

Our sophisticated Chemistry lab provides a great opportunity for our students to tryout out all the interesting chemical experiments which are part of their everyday lessons.

Computer Lab

At NISE, Students are provided with ample opportunity to hone their computer skills. Individual computers are provided to each student to improve their computer expertise. Our teachers also make use of the Computer lab to gather teaching materials from online sources.


As the famous author Ernest Hemingway has said “There is no friend as loyal as a book”, NISE houses a well-stocked library with over 2500 books in various categories to provide a great opportunity for our students to find their loyal friend. The students get to borrow a book of their choice from our library and return upon completion of their stipulated time. Reading workshops, Storytelling sessions, Puppet shows and other educational programs are also conducted in our library.

Other Facilities

Music Room

As part of our Skill Enrichment Program (SEP), a dedicated Music room is available for our students to bring out their musical talents. Regular classes in Keyboard music, Vocal and Dance is conducted in our music room.

Play Area

Our Pre-Schoolers and Early Primary students get enjoy part of their school session at our wonderful play area.

Sports Ground

Sports ground is available for students to play football, basketball, volleyball, and throw ball.

Star of the month
October 2019

Grade Name
Pre kg Kaniyamudhan,Prathik
Junior kg Rashwanth,Ardav
Senior kg Harshika
Grade 1 Krishnitha
Grade 2 Mayukh,Vickram
Grade 3 Sanjhana.R
Grade 4 Kaviya Selvakumar
Grade 5 Roopak